With the ambition in mind and a motive to work for a social cause mainly related with “HOW TO HELP OTHERS”, a good literature, book were consulted and experience in field of co-operative society. After this an idea struck to my mind to establish on THRIFT & CREDIT SOCIETY in the Co-operative sector under the aegis of Registrar, Co-operative societies, Govt. of N.C.T. of Delhi.

Accordingly, to begin within the month of February’2012 requisite material on the subject was collected, a few good and through gentleman having social devotion were associated and a team was prepared for farming the society titled “THE MAHALAXMI CO-OPERATIVE URBAN THRIFT & CREDIT SOCIETY LTD.”..

Further, as a first and foremost step-nearly 60 members were searched and enrolled from various parts of N.C.T. of Delhi. At the outset a meager contribution was flexible amount for becoming a member of the society say Share Money & Admission Fee. The major portion of this contribution was representing the amount refundable to the members concerned.

A Board of director was set up and through a resolution passed unanimously the undersigned was elected “CHIEF PROMOTOR” of the society. There after Bye-Laws often society was framed after a detailed deliberation. Accordingly a proposal was prepared and submitted the office of the Registrar cooperative society with a view getting the society Registered. After a vigorous following it became possible. And the society was issued with a Registration Certificate bearing No.10318/NE/TC/2012 dated 18/09/2012. The society worked started from 18/11/2012.

== Currently Society is being operated from A-127, Main Road, Infront of Ram Naresh Singh Public School, Mahalaxmi Enclave, Karawal Nagar, Delhi-110094.

== The Society disburses five type of loans its members viz Ordinary Loan, Emergency Loan, Vehicle Loan, Loan against Deposits and Loan against Property.

== The Society takes deposits in way of Fixed Deposit, Money Multiplier Deposit Scheme(MMDS), Recurring Deposit, Compulsory Deposit, Optional Deposit and Daily Saving Scheme (MSSS).

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