Managing committee comprise the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and 3 executive members. President, Vice-President and members are elected in the Special General Body Meeting. One term of Managing Committee member (including President) is 3 years. Two posts of the Managing Committee are reserved for ladies. At-least two meeting are held every month to make sure that the Society’s work is running smoothly and all the office bearers are doing their duties efficiently.


    Mr. Satya Prakash Sharma
Mob: 9811131899
Mr. Sita Ram Pandey
Mob: 9811149639
  Ms. Jyoti Gupta
Mob: 9318363316
  Mr. Vijay Kumar Gupta
Mob: 9015863509
Mr. Deo Raj Singh
Exe. Member
Mob: 9811922377
  Mrs. Anju
Exe. Member
Mob: 8826638816
  Mrs. Seema Devi
Exe. Member
Mob: 8802059857
We shall be feeling delighted for any additional information required-which will be provided through the following Officers:
  Mr. Dinesh Kumar Gupta
(Institutor/ Constitutor)
Mob: 9811221672
    Mr. Shiv Shanker Gupta
Mob: 9811737736